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Divorce Power Analyzer

Colorado Edition

Financial Affidavits - New Colorado Form With Easy Data Entry

  • Creates New Colorado Financial Affidavit with Easy Data Entry System
  • Statutory Form & Detail form
  • Debt & Asset Schedules
  • Alternative Adjusted Gross income Schedules
  • Child Support Attachment
  • Full Footnoting Ability

Support Reports

  • Income
  • Creates Gross Income Worksheet & Net Income Deduction Summary
  • Taxes
  • Computes Federal and Colorado Income Taxes For Each Party
  • Includes Earned Income Credit Worksheet,
  • Detailed Reports of Tax Analysis,
  • Complete Child Exemption Analysis
  • Automatically Computes Child Care
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Maintenance
  • New Maintenance Solutions Analyzer
  • Maintenance Options Worksheet
  • Maintenance Cash Flow
  • 6 side-by-side scenarios for easy comparison and quick maintenance solutions
  • Adjusts income taxes and child support for maintenance scenarios
  • Compares each party’s expenses with available income
  • Child Support
  • Computes Child Support Guidelines, Generates Child Support Guidelines Worksheet on Colorado Forms
  • Creates Standard Time Reports and Holiday Time Reports
  • Includes Expense Report & Expense Comparison

Equitable Distribution

  • Creates Equitable Distribution Balance Sheet with Distribution Values
  • Marital Property Distribution
  • Automated Net Equity Worksheet
  • Computes lump sum award needed for 50/50 split
  • Segregates separate assets from distribution
  • Easy and fast division feature


  • Reports
  • Generates Case Summary Pleadings, Court Ruling, Short Form Mediation Agreements
  • Creates UCCJEA Report and Notice of Social Security Number
  • Settlement Letters
  • Produces Ready-to-Send Proposals
  • Witness Management System
  • Creates Witness Lists and Other Witness related Documents
  • Document Management System
  • Creates Document List
  • Coming Dec.’05 Pattern Request For Production Of Documents
  • Coming Dec.’05 New Pattern Interrogatory System Pre-Trial Memorandum
  • Generates a Pre-Trial Memorandum With Issues

Tools And Reports

  • Includes Mortgage Loan Estimator with Amortization Schedule
  • Computes mortgage and loan payments, lump sum periodic payments and annuity
  • Analyzes alimony recapture problems and performs pension value estimation