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Divorce Power Analyzer

New York Edition

Financial Affidavits

  • Full Financial Affidavits
  • Business and Rental Income Worksheets required under the Family Court rules
  • Income/Deduction and Asset/Liability sections of affidavit for each party without additional entries consistent with the Guidelines and Equitable Distribution Worksheets

Child Support Guidelines Worksheets

  • Compiles each party's income accurately, taking into account Federal and Nebraska Income taxes with adjustments for actual filing status and allowable dependents and income tax liabilities
  • Computes child support under the NY Child Support Guidelines
  • Creates sole, split and joint physical custody Child Support Guidelines Worksheets
  • Recomputes and interfaces Child Support Guidelines amounts under the guidelines where alimony and child support are both contemplated
  • Compares income flows for both parties with their projected expenses to compare relative need and ability to pay after alimony and child support amounts are estimated
  • Offers a Child Support Adjustment Worksheet to present the need for deviation from guidelines support and adjust guidelines automatically to meet the deviations
  • Prints full Guidelines Reports for both parties

Support Reports

  • Gross Income Worksheet with side by side comparison of both parties' gross income presented in yearly and monthly columns
  • Alternative worksheets for Business and Rental income that feature side by side comparison for both parties
  • Federal Income Tax Assumptions (Tax Compiler Infosheet)
  • Nebraska Income Tax Assumptions (Tax Compiler Infosheet)
  • Earned Income Credit Worksheet
  • Expense Report featuring comparison of marital vs. current expenses for either party
  • Expense Comparison featuring comparison of both parties' current expenses
  • Apportioned Expense Reports for each party featuring current expenses and what portion of each expense is allocated to the children

Alimony Options Worksheet

  • Provides side by side comparison of six different alimony scenarios on one court presentable worksheet. Each scenario shows:
    • Net Income available to each party with and without child support
    • Income Tax to be paid by each party
    • Child Support treating alimony as income to payee and a deduction for payor
    • Income available to each party and to the family as a whole with and without child support

Equitable Distribution Worksheet

  • Compiles a listing of all assets of the parties (marital and non-marital) and the valuation each party claims for each asset
  • Presents alternative values for different valuation dates for analyzation of what date is most equitable for distribution purposes
  • Computes Gross and Net Equity of each asset
  • Creates Net Equity Worksheets
  • Allows tax effecting of assets where desired
  • Provides proposed equitable distribution of all marital assets and liabilities
  • Lists all non-marital assets and liabilities
  • Determines lump sum award necessary to accomplish equal distribution which can be adjusted for proposed skewed distribution

Special Features and Miscellaneous Reports

  • Quick Child Support Screen that allows you to calculate a child support amount for a simple case in less than one minute
  • Four Computational Tools:
    • Alimony Recapture Estimator - Analyze payment schemes and see if there is an alimony recapture problem
    • Annuity Value Estimator - Estimates current value of flow of payments (i.e. alimony or lump sum needed to balance equitable distribution)
    • Pension Value Estimator - Provides the net present value of a defined benefit pension
    • Mortgage/Loan Payment Estimator - Estimates amount of mortgage, loan (P&I only) or lump sum payments to pay off a sum over a designated period of time at an assumed interest rate (also includes a printable Amortization Schedule for every mortgage scenario entered)
  • Note system that can maintain file notes and office memos without leaving the file
  • Witness List system that collects basic information for witness lists and summaries - this feature can also be used to take trial and deposition notes
  • Document management system that provides a mechanism for cataloging and using all physical evidence in your case
  • Attorney Information Directory that automatically creates a database for all attorneys and judges placed in the system
  • Case Summary Worksheet that summarizes full case positions for all issues on one worksheet
  • Court Ruling Worksheet that provides a court's summary ruling for all issues on one worksheet
  • Mediation Agreement that provides a simple statement of resolution for all issues on one worksheet which is executable as an immediate Agreement by both parties and their attorneys
  • UCCJA Affidavit that captures information necessary for the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act Affidavit and easily prints it
  • Other printable forms:
    • Child Support Guidelines Chart
    • Notice of Social Security Number
    • Client Rolodex Cards