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Error Messages

There are different error messages which may appear when you are working within the programs. In general, when you receive an error message you should follow these steps:

  • Immediately stop working and use Printscreen from the menu bar to print out the error message as it appears on screen and write down where within the program you encountered it. Please fax info to (407) 834-9745.
  • After noting the message, click on the screen until all error messages are cleared. The screen may switch between various error messages and an “Open/Select A Table” box. Do not concern yourself with these messages (only the first message you receive has any bearing on the problem). When the screen has been cleared of errors, exit the program completely and then re-open it. It is important to always exit after receiving an error message (once you get one message, the possibility for further problems and data loss is greatly increased). If you can not close the error box use, CTRL+ALT+DEL buttons to break out of the program with windows task manager.
  • Return to the area of the program you received the initial error and attempt to duplicate the problem. Sometimes simply exiting the program will correct the problem and no new messages will appear.
  • If the same message does appear, have the above information ready and call Floridom Tech Support for assistance at (321) 256-1374.

If you experience any difficulties within the program that are not covered above, or if you have further questions or comments on a covered topic, please call us here at Floridom at (800) 355-4206.