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Frequently Asked Questions

After installing an Update and attempting to run it, the message “Cannot Locate Foxpro Support Library” appears. Why?

Run workstation.exe program (per the instructions sent). This will install the proper .dll files missing from your local C:\Windows\System32 directory. These files automatically load. If you are unsure of the situation, call Floridom Tech Support at (321)256-1374 for assistance.

After installing to a network server, we are unable to access the program. What do you need to do?

Be sure that the program is loaded only on the server.

Be sure that each workstation has FULL access (read, write, and delete) to the system folder where the program is installed. If a station has read-only access, the program will not function. You might get the message “Resource File is not valid, not enough disk space.” For Windows: On the server choose “My Computer” find the folder where you installed the program, then right click and choose “Network Sharing & Security.” Check the box for “Share this Folder on the Network” and the box for “Allow Network Users to change my files.”

If you are using a Novell network, you must enable support for long file names. Your network administrator will be able to set this up.

If you are using a peer-to-peer network, be sure that each workstation has a mapped drive to the “network” drive. Then simply create shortcuts and point them to the program on the network.

If the above criteria have been met and the program still does not function, call Floridom Tech Support for further assistance.

I am having trouble entering information in the program. What is the proper procedure for data entry?

Data entry throughout the program is accomplished in one of the following ways:

  • Click and highlight a data field until the entire background of that field changes to a solid color, then type in your information. If you do not change the color of the field entirely, data may be lost or altered.
  • Or Tab into and out of a data field.
  • To add a record on a list screen (assets, liabilities, expenses, etc.), Click on the “Add New” button. Then edit the data for the new entry.
  • To delete a record on a list screen, single-click the entry and press the DELETE button on the screen.
  • To edit a record on a list screen, click on the record you wish to change and type in the new information. SEE ALSO FAQ #4.

After editing information, I attempt to print out a report but the old data still appears. Why doesn’t the data change?

This is a complicated issue with a simple solution. Whenever you input data and then return later to alter it, you must use the TAB key to scroll through all the fields in the edit box you are working with. This allows the database to accept the alteration of your data. For example, if you wanted to change a previously entered asset to reflect a different amount, you would first need to double-click the asset to bring up the edit box. You would then hit the TAB key until the background color reaches the field to be changed, and then enter the new value. You then continue to hit the TAB key until reaching the OK button and then click it. The change is now complete.

How do I print blank affidavit forms to hand out to clients?

Blank forms are accessed through the Main Menu Toolbar (the one running on the top of the screen). Choose TOOLS, then scroll down to INFOSHEET FORMS and the first set of forms will be displayed. Further forms are gained by scrolling down again to INFOSHEETS. Click on the form you wish to print out.

When I access the program I get a message saying “Licensed User Count Has Been Exceeded.” Why do I get this and what should I do?

On a network – The default is to having 1 user license unless you have purchased more. This message means too many people are accessing the program at the same time.

This message will also appear whenever the program is shut down improperly and then accessed again. Improper shut down includes the following:

  • Using CTRL+ALT+DEL for any reason to exit the program.
  • A system failure when working within the program which causes reboot.
  • An error message within the program which shuts the program down and returns you to the desktop.
  • To clear this message and reset the system, follow the instructions which appear on the screen. Click the OK button. Doing this will send you out of the program and back to your desktop. Reenter the program and it should allow you in. If you still get the same message, you should call Floridom Technical Support at (321)256-1374 for assistance.

I have purchased a network license for the program and installed it properly, but the user count reads “001” and only one person can get into the program. Why can’t we all use it at the same time?

After receiving and loading the program, you must enter a code to allow the system to recognize the fact that you have purchased extra user licenses. This code is generated at Floridom and is changed on a daily basis, so simply call us and we will verify your license and assist you in entering your network code.

If you experience any difficulties within the program that are not covered above, or if you have further questions or comments on a covered topic, please call us here at Floridom at (800) 355-4206.