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Automatically: New Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Creates Financial Affidavits
  • Computes Child Support & Creates Child Support Guidelines Worksheets
  • Creates Alimony & Maintenance Worksheets
  • Creates ED Worksheets
  • Creates Parenting Plans
  • Creates Time Sharing Schedules
  • Creates Attorney's Fees & Cost Documents
  • Performs Equitable Distribution
  • Computes Taxes (Federal, State, Self Employment, SS & Medicare)
  • Creates Petitions
  • Creates Settlement Proposals & Mediation Agreements
  • Creates Final Judgments
  • Creates IDO's
  • Creates Pre-Trial Memos
  • Performs Document Management
  • Performs Witness Management

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DPA is an essential software tool for Family Law Attorneys, Judges, Mediators, CPA's and Financial Planners to handle divorce, paternity cases and family planning with ease and accuracy. DPA, the automated and integrated family law case management system, will significantly increase the productivity of your firm and reduce stress levels while keeping your clients happy. DPA does your Child Support, Alimony & Tax calculations in minutes and your required forms at the click of a button. That's DPA.

DPA is customized for:

With DPA you will get a head start on your cases, easily achieving the accuracy and efficiency demanded in your Family Law Practice. DPA was designed by lawyers for lawyers. DPA is the most effective way to a more successful and modern firm. Your legal forms, case information and client files are in one location. DPA is continually updated for each state for accurate forms and calculations. DPA provides you with easy learning tools. We also provide free technical support (DPA Software) as part of your annual maintenance.

Commitment From Floridom, Inc.

Floridom is committed to enhancing the practice of Family Law by the creation of quality software products that allow professionals to provide more complete and precise analysis and presentations. We are committed to the support of the customer in the use of our products. Our customer service sets us apart from other software producers.

When you purchase DPA, or any companion software, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. But, Floridom is sure you will be extremely happy when you see the results the software will bring to your practice.